Online Success Plan Review: Scam or a Real Way to Make Money?

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Today there are so many scams out there it’s hard to pinpoint those that are scams looking to get your personal information and into your pocketbook and those that are genuine. I have recently discovered Online Success Plan and decided to dig deeper to see what it is all about. I personally think that all of them are a bit over-exaggerated and regardless what they promise I don’t think you’ll become a millionaire in the first year but I do think that there are some out there which just may be effective but require some hard work and dedication on your side.

It was about three years ago when I first decided I wanted to work from home, not necessarily quit my day job just yet but to discover a way to start making some extra cash and perhaps build it up enough to actually stay home full time and work. To this day no website has actually helped me do this, especially when they’ve asked for money, but rather took an alternate route. I am still at my day-job but at least I’m learning something here and there. It’s been a long fight and I’m not even halfway there. Just goes to show that it’s much harder than most may think. With that said, I have tried numerous work from home schemes and discovered that many are far from what one would expect.


What is Online Success Plan?

Quite honestly, I am not sure. I have dug high and low to actually get information as to what this system is, what it offers, and how it works but the only way to find this out is by buying into it and actually trying it. Even those that have shared their experiences online, both positive and negative, do not go into detail as to what the system is. Perhaps there is a waiver signed upon purchasing the system that you will not share the information of the system anywhere, or perhaps they are all fake reviews, I’ll never know as my review will be of what I have dug up, of my knowledge of such programs, and of comments and other reviews gathered into this one review. I want to give everyone an opportunity to judge for themselves through my review rather than jump into it blindly if they are interested.

What I personally think that the system is? I think it’s a collection of information as to how to get rich. This is actually stated in the video, but made to look there will be no effort on your side. Also, their claims that you will get $500 could possibly be true but how do they guarantee that you have or have not put forth the efforts required and how do you know how much you would have to actually invest to get this money in your account. With that said, I have come to the conclusion that the system is rather an educational system where you are provided with gathered information which in most cases cannot be found anywhere else. This information will consist of different ways to make money online, primarily with online sales and click through programs I think.

In their terms and conditions they note that there are 3 types of products. The Gold, which is to help you develop the techniques that are required to make money online even if you have no previous experience doing so. You will be provided with information on selling digital products and how to set up a website. Platinum will connect you with a mentor that will guide you over the phone and will help you reach your goals. You will also get exclusive access to their Online Success Plan website blog builder which will help you build an ecommerce store and provide you with advanced training through webinars and training calls. Finally the Platinum Plus product will provide you accesses to their elite mentors that will continue to work with you every step of the way. You will also gain advanced access to features of the blog builder website which includes pre-made designs helping make your website design much easier. Of course this also includes the calls and webinars as well.

This is just about as much as I was able to gather from the website. The videos, though long, were not very helpful in providing actual information about the system, services, or products. As it has been a while since I have offered my real email address for such websites unfortunately I will not be receiving the numerous emails which they will send me with information as to how their website will make me rich prompting me to sign up.

What I Don’t Like about Online Success Rate

Well, I think this is pretty clear. They offer little to no information. The videos, two in total, in the website cannot be rewound or fast-forwarded. This means that once you start you have to listen through it all to the end. Interestingly enough, I did so, but lost them halfway through several times and after playing the video all over again for the probably 4th or 5th time I was able to catch everything.

I wish there was more information in the form of text in the website. Something that provides the details of what they offer in black and white. I am sure many will be with me on this but I refuse to give my personal email to any website that looks even relatively fake. I fear that my information will be sold and I will never escape the spam which will surely come in waves after that. Still, I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, after all, this is a review and a collection of information rather than simply my personal rant.

Comments online though didn’t help much. I did find that most of the comments I did find were fake though. It was painfully obvious. The funny thing is that not only were they positive but negative as well. Obviously another similar website finds them to be competition, which is a good sign. This must mean that they are attracting a lot of people and those people are ready to buy into it instead of the competition, which is quite a bit.

The comments ranged from their disapproval of the development of the website and lack of information to those that claim that it’s a scam and that they got nothing from it, including their $97 investment back as promised. Their promised $500 were non-existent and were far from happy from the customer service. Pinpointing which are the paid and which were the genuine comments was easy. If they exaggerate, if it seems as if they are trying to advertise this or any other website it is most likely a fake comment. There were positive comments as well, but only several provided some information about how it worked for them and they were happy. No reviews actually confirming this though.

There was no lack of reviews either. Unfortunately in this case they were mainly negative reviews. I have come to the conclusion that positive reviews are rarely written, most likely backed by a financial benefit from the company directly. This is mainly because people don’t feel the need to rant if they are happy. It is usually when they are not happy with something they do the reviews. This somewhat explains the overwhelming wave of negative reviews. Many of which were promoted by other similar websites as once they were done claiming that the Online Success Plan is a scam they offered another similar website claiming that it was perfect. This alone shows how sneaky some can be.

Online SP

What I Liked about Online Success Plan

In the end I decided to return and provide my personal email. I wanted to see what they would send, what other information I would be provided with. Aside from how they will setup my account and how I can start making money immediately there still provided little to no information about what they are selling, the only way to find out is the pay up and I am not ready for this just yet.

Their videos were also interesting, and though they do have a good marketing strategy to avoid providing any real information and keep you at your toes concentrating about what is said in both vides as if you miss something you have to start over. I also found it interesting that they have several other website which are linked to this one, and found that the Online Success Plan website has been up for about 7 months and is getting great ratings in Google and Alexa and improving greatly on a daily basis. Similar websites usually don’t last long as this meat that they would actually have to live up to their customers expectations and for this website to still be around it seems it has done so for at least some customers.

My Thoughts on Online Success Plan

Obviously, I was unable to find real suitable information on the website or their system and products. I have come to the conclusion that they really do sign a waiver when they sign up so as not to allow you to provide and inside information to the world. Though I highly doubt that you just reach out and pluck the money off the trees I do think that this website may have some value to it. Can’t say if it’s worth the investment but if it really provides you with real up to date information about how to make money online I see no problem with it. Unfortunately its price is quite high and for me to actually engage and provide my credit card information. I have been scammed far too many times and am now weary for any website requiring my credit card.

Personally, I think this product and this system are not a magical way to make money but rather an education as to how to do it. I don’t think you’ll just be handed money and I think as most people are under the impression that this is exactly what will happen they end up with the negative comments and reviews. They don’t set up your business or run it for you but rather teach you how to do it. It’s like basically signing up for a course on business education but with more hands on experience and one on one tutors which will guide you to success, if you buy into their high price that is.

Although I don’t think that this website will make you a millionaire overnight I do think that it will help you build the confidence to do it in the future. When you don’t know what you are looking for when searching online for work the only other alternative is to select a guide that will help you learn the questions you need to ask and give you the answers you need.

Although I am still skeptical about whether the website is just fishing for emails or genuinely offers a great product that will help me build my online presence and start up a business, I do think that Online Success Plan will provide you with plenty of one on one information from their mentors and plenty of information through their system to help you succeed. This of course means that you absolutely MUST pull your weight and work hard in order to succeed, it simply gives you the tools you need to find success but not the actual key to it, you must actually bring it forth yourself and work hard to succeed.

I can’t tell you whether Online Success Plan is for you but you can visit the website and see for yourself, watch the videos, search out the comments, don’t just go by my word. Research this and any other website that requires your personal information before you provide it, it could save you a lot of trouble.

Online SP

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  1. I didn’t mean to offend anyone, who fails to earn money by this system, merely giving my suggestion that it really help my business and i earned with less effort

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