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I have tried to avoid these brain supplements for some time but I have to admit that they intrigued me and when I received an email advertising NeuroCell I couldn’t help myself anymore. I have taken supplements in the past for weight loss and for a number of other reasons but it just seemed absurd that a supplement could help improve my memory and the way I think.

Of course, before I started researching this product I wanted to see if there are others out there like it. Though I have received emails in the past advertising other similar products I had no idea there were so many. My experience with supplements tells me that more than half of them are scams, and perhaps this will give me the opportunity to determine whether NeuroCell is a scam.


The NeuroCell Website

Visiting the website after checking out so many others on the market right now in my quick search revealed that in general they are more or less identical. Actually, more than more or less, they are completely identical. I think this is because they are all developed around the same time and basically offer the exact same possible benefits. All in all, I think the key is to find a trusted company rather than a suitable supplement as I think that most of them offer more or less the same benefits. What the NeuroCell website offers is improved concentration, focus, memory, motivation, energy, and much more. They claim that the ingredients that form the all-natural stack are powerful nootropics which are well known for their benefits but fail to list them in the website itself.

What does NeuroCell Consist of?

Of course, just like the numerous other websites I visited advertising other similar supplements the official NeuroCell website did not offer a list of ingredients. This is rather unfortunate as they could be losing on a lot of customers this way since many people refuse to buy a supplement if they cannot confirm what is in it. I found a page while searching for more information on this particular supplement where they offered an image of the supplement facts. Now, don’t quote me on this because honestly, I cannot guarantee it’s accurate as it is not from the official website.


Supplement Facts Image I Found:

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The Ingredients in Detail:

Caffeine: This ingredient is well known and though it does have some great benefits it does come with side effects especially in high quantities. Possible side effects are restlessness, nervousness, insomnia, and more. (this is where the research ended for me, unfortunately I don’t do well with caffeine, not even a coffee in the morning)

GABA: This is actually a very popular ingredient in other supplements, and I have actually tried it in combination with other ingredients before. It helps reduce stress all the while improving attention and memory, but I had taken it more for the stress in the other supplement. There are no serious side effects but it has been studied for up to 12 weeks only.

Bacopa Monnieri: This ingredient has been scientifically proven to help improve memory in individuals as well as a substantial list of other benefits which are in process of being scientifically backed. As it is still in the process of being studied there are no listed side effects but it is considered safe.

Alpha GPC: Studies show that this ingredient will help those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease by improving their thinking skills. The span of the studies were 3-6 months. There are minor side effects including headache, heartburn, insomnia, and more.

L-Theanine: This ingredient is known for its numerous benefits including prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease and anxiety. It is also known to help make cancer drugs more effective. Unfortunately it has been researched only short-term and studies of the ingredient are about 3 weeks in duration. There are no side effects listed.

Phosphatidylserine: This ingredient supports memory in individuals that suffer from age related memory loss, supports age-related mental decline, and also helps improve some of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease. It also has numerous other benefits. Possible side effects are stomach upset and insomnia.

L-Tyrosine: Though it has not been proven scientifically effective, this ingredient does have early researches that prove that it helps improve memory, alertness especially in those suffering from lack of sleep, and overall mental performance. Possible side effects are fatigue, heartburn, headache, nausea, and joint pains.

Vinpocetine: This ingredient has a small effect on declined thinking skills however it is not just yet scientifically proven to improve memory or other issues with cognition. You may experience headache, nervousness, dizziness, and more.

Huperzine A: Proven to be beneficial for improving and dementia this ingredient unfortunately does have a long list of possible side effects, though mild, it is a good idea to read through it carefully.

Before you freak out about all the side effects I have listed above or any others you will find in the corresponding WebMD pages I have linked the ingredients to (click on the names and it will take you there) calm down. No matter how much any supplement claims that it is absolutely side effect free it is nearly impossible. No matter how safe an ingredient is it has shown a side effect here and there. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will experience all or any of the listed side effects, it is just a precaution.

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Buying NeuroCell

The best think about this product, except for the fact that I have to admit that some of the ingredients did impress me (regardless that it contains caffeine which is a downer for me), is the fact that you have 3 options to buy. There are no auto-ship programs as I have seen with other supplements, no “free” trials that end up leaching all the money from your bank account, and honestly, the price seems pretty reasonable.

  • 5 Month Supply – $159.95
  • 3 Month Supply – $123.82
  • 1 Month Supply – $57.95

You can select free standard shipping or expedite shipping at $6.99. They also offer a 60 day money back guarantee but in all honestly there is always a loophole through which they find a way out of it. I read through the terms but found no such thing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t there.

Also, you have two shipping options, though I don’t see someone going out of their way to order expedite shipping which is $6.99 in comparison to the free standard shipping. They claim to have a 60 day money back guarantee but I wouldn’t count on it, supplement sites always find a way out of it so don’t even bother. Overall I think that NeuroCell could really be effective and the website doesn’t seem to be a scam, but don’t take my word for it and do some research of your own.



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