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   Lumare Skin overview

Lumare Skin is the ever best brand in the cosmetic industry and delivering products only based on herbal ingredients consisting of dead, salts, minerals and other black mud. Quality vise this brand is leading in the cosmetic world and acting as a leader on the basis of their satisfied customers worldwide. Many other corporations have also ratified and suggested the products of this company such as Hilton international, and many others. The company has good repute in yielding ever perfect results in skin care industry and earning good name with proven outputs. The company has only such experts who have accurate skills and expertise professionally in this field and they are making quality wise accurate and perfect products. All the products meet with the ISO 9002 standards and no animal’s contents or harmful ingredients are included in making products. Scientists have also approved that this company and its products are free from any toxins or harmful impacts on human skin. Top range quality products are available by a company on the competitive prices and we don’t believe on the compromise on the quality while offering special and low prices. Shipment procedure is also very easy and conveniently we provide all the products with guaranteed. Many offers or packages company is also offering to its valued customers so that you can avail the real-time benefits from these packages and from our qualitative products.


Science of skin care

The science of skin care has been revealed by Lumare Skin and its products and with satisfactory we are providing all products to our customers with secure quality. The Scientific procedure has been followed by our experts and professionals who have created such products which have quality, decency, and purity. In the name of skin care, a company has earned a lot of names and excelling day by day. Only herbal and pure synthesis free contents have been added while manufacturing the products of our brand because we know the precious value of the human’s skin and its treatment. Overall the world people are availing the benefits from our products and we are maintaining the quality by our qualitative products. The Scientific method with healthy and safe manner is applied and a company is preparing all the products under the supervision of highly qualified staff and professionals. Scientists have explored all the gates of success in the way of Lumare Skin so that you should be given perfect and beautiful life without any skin or body issues. We have all range of product according to your skin or body issues.

Luxurious skin care

Lumare Skin no doubt is providing the luxurious skin care to its customers and never want to lose its confidence which its customers have put on it. SWISS apple has been infused in these products which ensures the luxurious skin care and provides qualitative products for human skin and its better treatment. This fruit extract stems the cells from being dull and dark and always keeps it fresh and glowing all the day. A luxurious skin type is provided by our products and each and every product has an ultimate solution for one of your problems if you have on your skin. Celebrities are also using these products and fighting with growing age effectively and getting a young look without any skin damage and infections. First time in the history of the cosmetic industry only our company is using Swiss apple in preparing the quality wise perfect products because this fruit content is beneficial for making skin shining and refresh. Expensive this fruit extract along with other blending herbal extracts are the secrets of a quality of our products. Now everyone due to our products is living a luxurious life style because fresh skin with glowing appearance is more than any luxurious. Be ready to get luxurious skin care and buy the quality wise ever awesome products and make your life luxurious.


Our products

A complete range of products has been introduced by Lumare Skin company so that all the skin problems of the people could be met. Some of the qualitative ever best products and their functions are here.

  • Blasam Conditioner. This product ensures the healthy scalp and makes it shiny without any hair damage. This conditioner consists a pure blend of dead sea minerals. Some other plants and its extracts have also been added in this product which are responsible for promoting scalp’s health overall. Due to this product you would be able to make any type of hair style without any problem. The product contains 300ml has many benefits for your luxurious hairstyle. Price is also affordable only €.11.95.
  • Black Mud Shampoo. This product has been specifically formulated for an oily and irritated scalp. This product also contains much amount of Dead sea minerals which are active and makes hair perfect and helps you in getting rid of hair fall. Healthy and shiny hair without any falling could be availed only by this product. Due to consumption of this product you would be able to eradicate all dryness and itching from your head. Fuller and thicker hairs are guaranteed by this product and you will get full confidence in your life with luxurious and shiny hairs. Product has 300ml quantity and weight approximately is 10.fl.oz and price is also cheap only €.24.95
  • Eye Gel for Men. This product particularly has been manufactured for men only. This product in a convenient way soothes the eye area which is dark and dull and has dark circles around the eyes. This gel gives you young and aesthetic appearance without any itching on your eyes. This gel is easily permeated on your skin and makes the skin around eyes attractive and young. Due to this gel skin gets tighten effect and reduces the dark spots around your eyes. Fine lines are also removed due to this blissful product and without eye tearing you will be able to get attractive eyes with no dark spots on your skin around your skin. Company is also offering this product on affordable price so get the chance to make your eyes charming. A price in only €.24.95 and its weight 50gr. Claim your eye gel right now and get the young looks.
  • Golf Kit. Everyone you need will be provided in this offer and Dead sea-based these products bundle will change your entire life smoothly. This kit is blissful for everyone because all the needed products are being offered in this kit only in amazing prices. This kit will definitely protect your skin and makes your life luxurious and smooth without any skin infections. Entire kit means all the products included in this offer are Paraben-free and only contains Dead sea minerals along with oils and plant abstracts. For your convenient kit bag has been made easy to carry so that everywhere you can do the treatment of your skin and protect your skin from dust and all harmful impacts of the environment. This product could be used also while playing golf game and traveling also. This whole kit contains Hand cream, insect repellent, foot cream, sun blocker, and free soap with the facial towel. Everything you need is here so hurry up and buy this amazing kit for your skin problems and skin treatment. The product definitely will meet all of your skin needs everyone if you are in the outside especially if you are playing golf or traveling everyone in the country or outside the country. So equip yourself with this amazing kit skin tools and impress the others. Entire package has weight only one KG and price is also affordable only €.129.95
  • Luxurious Gift set in black Velvet Box. Now you can thrill your life with this amazing offer because this offer will force you to love it. Luxurious skin care products have been included in this package so that you can bring thrill in your life. This package has also all such products which are needed by everyone in his / her life on daily basis. For healthy and refined skin, this package is necessary and mandatory in your life. To get accurate and vibrant skin this offer is perfect for you and it is the wonderful way to make your recognition before your beloved ones. This offer could also be offered to your beloved ones as a gift and you can make your beloved’s life happy and confident. If you buy the products separately then the budget would be increased so this package has an ultimate solution for you all needed products. Five required products have been offered in this package which are needed in your daily life. Product has one KG weight and price are only €.149.95
  • Lumare Skin Kit with Vitamin C and Swiss Apple Stem cell’s. This amazing kit is also blessing for you because all required skin products which your skin needs are included in this offer. This kit is enough to make you feel young and healthy. Astonishing results surely you will get this offer. All you need is available in this package and the fruitful thing is that this package has such products which have been infused with Swiss apple’s extracts which are very essential for skin treatment. Package price is only €.98.95


Customer support

If you want to get any info relating to products or other issues then feel free to contact us on the official website. All type of customer support is provided to our valued customers. Any issue relating to product or shipment could be asked and that is our pleasure to solve your issues. You may query about any product and contact us anytime. All the contact information is available on the official website of the Lumare Skin so visit our website and feel free to ask anything. You can email us or contact otherwise so don’t be panic in case of any issue or query. Full-time support is provided to our valued customers. Before purchasing any products and after buying products in both times we valuate our customers fully and provides any kind of help relating to skin issues and products.


People those consumed these products and packages offered by the company are satisfied fully. They believe that their skin have been made perfect and glowing according to their meets and demand. Many testimonials have been put on the official website also and you can easily confirm by these satisfied customers. The official website is also full of such testimonials which have been given by people who consumed these quality products. Testimonials are enough but when you will consume these products then we assure you that you yourself give your name in testimonials. All the products are guaranteed and secured by clinics and professionals so don’t worry to buy any type of product of offer. All the products are prepared by Dead sea minerals and no chemical based ingredients or other contents are applied. We don’t compromise on the quality and delivery to our valued and precious customers only qualitative products. Consume these products then you will testify these products yourself.

Special offer

Special offer is also being offered to our valued customers so the trial of Lumare Skin kit with three creams is available for you. This offer also includes everything which you need for your precious skin and its health. This set consists on these products moisturizing day cream, nourishing night cream, and lifting eye gel. Entire package and its three products are prepared only with purified and perfect fruit extracts such as Swiss apple. For getting astonish results this special offer is perfect for you in your life. Combine with fruit extracts this package is suitable for any kind of skin type. If you buy this special offer then you will pay only shipping and order will be delivered within 14 days only. If you are not satisfied with these products then you would have an option to return this package. However, if you keep this kit after getting satisfaction then you will be charged full amount such as €.149.95 so hurry up and get this amazing affordable offer. Special offer is being offered limited time only so hurry up and buy this gift for yourself or your beloved ones.


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