IllumiWhite Review: Safe and Effective Whitening or Dangerous and a Waste of Money

IllumiWhite Review: Safe and Effective Whitening or Dangerous and a Waste of Money 4.50/5 (90.00%) 2 votes

I am a cigarette smoker and never miss my morning cup of coffee so a product like IllumiWhite is something that I have been needing for some time if it works. I have seen plenty of products both in stores and online for years now and honestly have been scared to try anything as of yet. I have considered the possibility of simply going to the dentist to get my teeth whitened professionally but from the looks of it the cost outweighs the benefits, at least for me. I am looking for something affordable, safe, and effective. If I cannot find it I can live with my yellow teeth. The reason I have been considering getting them whitened is because my job as a front desk customer service agent at a hotel requires a nice smile but for now it simply does not pay enough for a serious investment.

With that said, I did read some interesting articles about bleaching and teeth whitening. Some of these articles were positive with amazing benefits and great results while others have me worried about destroying my teeth with these experimentations and in turn ruining my smile forever. One thing I learned though is to find a trusted company and a product that has been tried and confirmed effective.

What is IllumiWhite

I admit, that this is the first teeth whitening product that I have ever researched. I received an email through some third party website which mentioned the product and for some reason it stuck. The next day I was visiting their website and reading into it, from there onto other websites discussing the ingredients and overall effectiveness of similar products. I decided that since it was the first one that caught my attention that I would research it first.

So, what is this new revolutionary product? Well, nothing all too different form the rest from the looks of it. All flashy and promising website but overall it’s more or less like every other whitening product on the market. I saw so many similarities between this and many others I found while I was researching that honestly I couldn’t tell one from the other at one point. This is basically a “pen” so to say which is used after brushing your teeth to apply the ingredient combination which helps whiten teeth. They claim that this is possibly with regular application of less than a week and your teeth will be instantly whiter. At one point in the website they go on to claim that you will see results even after the first application.

By their words it seems promising enough. The official website claims that the results are the longest lasting on the market and offer a natural and uniform look that is brilliant. I think it really impressed me when they say that in less than a week the teeth will be noticeably whiter but honestly I can’t see how this is safe. On the other hand when you consider the way a dentist whitens your teeth you end up with almost immediate results from the moment you sit on the dentist chair so I guess it could be possible. The fact that there is no need to go to the dentist is more than enough relief for me as I fear them like the plague even if it is just for cleaning my teeth.


Comparison with the Competition

So, the official IllumiWhite website does a quick review of several products they consider competition in a table form. They cover only a few points such as the price, the % of Carbamide Peroxide, and overall customer satisfaction. Honestly, if you check out any of the competition websites they do something more or less the same and the results are quite different putting their products at the top. It’s just a matter of the way you look at it. They state that this product contains 35% Carbamide Peroxide which is much more than the rest of the products out there but I am cannot say whether this is a good or a bad thing as it is known to eat at your enamel if used in excess on teeth.

How to use IllumiWhite

Well, it seems pretty simple. Nothing to it really. In the evening after brushing your teeth use the pen, twist it, and the gel will dispense. Apply this gel to the teeth. Avoid drinking any liquids after this or eating and head straight to bed to get best results. That’s it more or less. They don’t discuss the taste or if it’s dangerous to swallow, as I imagine that even if you apply it only to your teeth it’s possible.

The Science behind IllumiWhite

In order to understand how teeth whitening products like IllumiWhite work you must first understand the structure of your teeth. They do discuss the two different layers of your teeth, the inner and the hard outer enamel layer. It is this enamel layer which becomes yellow over time as it is there to protect the teeth and is much harder. With eating, drinking coffee and alcohol, smoking cigarettes, etc. the enamel layer is covered by another, third, layer. This layer is formed by the accumulation of foreign material. This layer forms a pellicle film and is not only ugly and yellow but also can cause tooth decay as over time it goes down into the tooth attacking the lower layer.

The way this product works is by attacking the stained layer over the enamel through a serum formed through modern technology. The combination of enhanced Carbamide peroxide gel for teeth whitening and a specially developed pro whitening accelerator the chemical reaction of these two ingredients helps break apart all staining compounds. This means, as per the official website, that even years of staining on the teeth begin to disappear even after the first application.

One thing that concerns me is that this is all the information provided. Nothing more about the product, the ingredients, and how each works individually. I found some information on Carbamide peroxide but nothing all too promising though they do mention that it could be effective and safe on a number of other pages I researched. But aside from offering these two ingredients there is no facts sheet which offers more information on each ingredient in this product and the amount found in the gel or how each works with more detail. This worries me, as I am sure there is more to it, even if they are inactive ingredients.


Further Research behind the Ingredients

So, I checked out the two links provided at the bottom of the page. It is important to remember and note that IllumiWhite is not scientifically substantiated and is not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This means that basically anything they claim is up for grabs and could easily be completely misleading, this is confirmed when you read their terms and conditions which basically state that everything you read in the website has nothing to do with reality and it is just an assumption of the results.

With that said, they do offer two links at the bottom. The first is an article “Safety and Effectiveness of Tooth Whitening Products”. Honestly, its general information discussed by several scientists which are highly recognized claiming that these types of products are perfectly safe. The article has plenty of interesting information but if you research the dangers of such products you can find just as many similar articles claiming the exact opposite. So, who should we trust? I think it’s a matter of opinion and what you read. Personally, I am having a hard time deciding whether this is a safe option or not. The second link is actually an internal link which is a pop up window. The title is “Clinical Study of Carbamide Peroxide” which is the main ingredient in the product. They claim that this is a study proving that it is safe but unfortunately they have uploaded only the first page of this study which describes it but have not provided the rest of it which offers the substantial information of the results. Thus, making this link completely irrelevant and useless.

What others are Saying about IllumiWhite

So, of course, this review would not be complete without some information about what previous customers are saying. I don’t recommend you EVER trust the satisfied customer comments on the official website of any product as this is completely controlled and honestly I don’t believe a word of it. No, I visited forums, read other reviews, and a number of comments in these reviews. Of course, it’s pretty obvious that many of them were simply written for money and this can easily be seen as they are either 100% for or 100% against this product and offer a “better” alternative. Only a few were really genuine.

The positive reviews, comments, and forum posts discussed how they did get results but they were not as extreme as the website made them out to be. They were happy with the results but not to expect your teeth to be pearly white in the first week, expect results within two weeks or more and not Hollywood white but simply a few shades whiter which is still pretty good.

The negative reviews, comments, and forum posts discussed how they were very unhappy with the product and considered it to be a scam. This I think was not necessarily because of their experience with the product but rather the company as they do have a shady Trial offer. The problem isn’t really the company but rather the fact that the buyer overlooked their terms and conditions where they clearly state that the trial is not for the full quantity of what is sent but rather use of it for 14 days. This is a common tactic with similar online purchases and a way to guarantee that their product will be paid in full as they count of the buyer not reading the small font at the bottom of the page or the terms.


Price and Terms

This is the most important part when it comes to buying anything online. Many overlook reading the small font or the terms and conditions and are usually suckered into paying a lot more than they expected. As mentioned above this is a common tactic to reel in customers and profits without the customer really knowing it. The price for the trial is $6.95 for shipping and handling. This perks up the interest of the buyer and they are so eager to buy (especially with the push of how they are “chosen” for this limited time offer). But, if you scroll down and read the small font or read the terms and conditions you will notice that this is a trial not of the full product but rather for only 14 days (from the day of purchase not the day you receive the product). In addition to this you are also enrolled in their “program” which sends new supply for your convenience every month. This means that if you do not cancel within the provided 14 days you will be charged the full price of $95.13 (discounted price) and will continue getting charged this plus shipping and handling every month until you cancel as you will continue to receive a new supply.

In Conclusion…

I admit, I did not order. When I used to take supplements I was suckered into a similar system and though I cannot say that this website will be as difficult as the one I had tried before when it comes to canceling I am not willing to risk it for whiter teeth. The price is a bit out of my price range as well. Personally, I think that if this product gives you results within 7 days I don’t see a reason to continue using it for months on end as I am sure that long term use of it cannot possibly be safe. I do think that IllumiWhite can be effective and even safe when used in moderation and for a short period of time but I cannot say I am willing to pay this much money for it at the moment.

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