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Recently I was asked about whether Brain Peak was something that I would recommend for improving brain performance. This is an understandable question considering how many new products are on the market each day claiming to improve memory and the way your brain works. Unfortunately more than half of them are low quality, overpriced, and very sketchy products sold by sketchy websites. There are actually some products that are quality and if you are well prepared with information from the official website and understand the terms you can easily avoid being scammed.

There are a few ways to be ready and knowledgeable when buying supplements. Also, researching the product well, reading into it, and taking the necessary precautions you can also ensure that you choose the best product for your needs.

What is Brain Peak?

At first glance the official Brain Peak website seems decent enough. They offer a bit of information about the product, of course, as with other websites, not too much. If you read the website carefully you will find that they do disclose two of the main ingredients in the supplement and that could be more than enough to decide whether it will be effective. They offer information about your brain, about some of the benefits, and in general touch upon the product and what it does.

They claim that this supplement has a revolutionary combination of ingredients making it a powerful nootropic. Some of the benefits which they claim include being able to reach targets, have more power, think sharper and faster, as well as revitalize the way your mind works and achieve untold performance. These are all great benefits which we all strive to achieve through taking similar supplements and nearly all similar supplements claim to offer them.

Is Brain Peak for You?

The way your brain performs depends on how you have taken care of it over time. Also, the diet you eat as well as the daily stress you put on your brain effects the way it works. Over time it becomes boggled from the stress and even the toxins you consume on a daily basis this leads to several symptoms of decline in brain power and overall cognitive performance:

  • Lack of focus
  • Difficultly concentrating
  • Lack of motivation
  • Loss of memory
  • Very low energy
  • Overall poor mental performance

There are ways to adjust and even fix some of these symptoms without supplements or drugs but they require a lot more time and even more effort. You can change your diet completely focusing on “brain foods” and avoiding processed junk foods. Also, reducing your stress drastically both at home and at work or school is also essential to giving your brain the necessary break it requires to reboot. A supplement though, is a much faster and easier way to achieve this, the key is to find the right supplement. The official Brain Peak website claims that they offer the answer to your needs.

How does Brain Peak Work

So, they claim that their combination of all natural ingredients will deliver the natural punch you require for your brain to work faster and better allowing you to achieve all your goals. They share two ingredients that are a part of this fully balanced solution:

Vinpocetine – used for diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease this ingredient is known to have a small effect on the decline of thinking skills

Huperzia Serrata – is proven to be effective for improving memory

You can click on either of these ingredients to get more information about them including other benefits they have as well as if they are safe to take, possible side effects, as well as their appropriate dosage. Remember that before taking any sort of supplement no matter how safe they claim it is speak with your doctor to ensure that it is suitable for you, especially if you have health problems.

All together there are 9 different ingredients that make up this supplement and each is specially selected to combine their individual qualities to create this reliable and powerful nootropic. The supplement works to allow your brain to allow 3 parts of your brain to work to its maximum abilities:

  • Elevates the levels of endogenous neurotransmitters
  • Provides anti-stress compounds
  • Encourages comprehensive neuroprotection

Another benefit of the supplement is unlocking the power of your dreams. As it boosts acetylcholine, which is known to help regulate REM sleep which helps your brain transition into more rejuvenating and deeper sleep, you will be able to reach lucidity within your dreams which unlocks a whole now level of self-awareness. There are numerous benefits to lucid dreams which they have listed including:

  • Practice and improve skills
  • Overcome phobias and fears
  • Discover your personal meaning to life
  • Explore your inner creative potential


Buying Brain Peak

I have tried to find this product on other websites as well as in physical stores but it is unavailable anywhere except for the official website. One of the most important things to remember when ordering this product is that the Trial Offer is only for 10 days, this means that once you have paid your $4.97 shipping and handling and have received your 30 day supply you must call and cancel before 10 days from the day you order or else you will be enrolled in the auto-ship program. This means that you will be charged in full, $139.97, for the 10 day trial bottle, and will continue to receive a new supply every month and charged the $139.97 plus shipping and handling every month until you cancel. You can call 1-855-511-2191 to cancel your membership anytime and stop receiving new shipments.  Many consider this a scam but this is because they were initially not aware of these terms, if you are aware of these terms I think that you can easily make a wise decision whether you want to continue taking the supplement or not and take the needed steps. Just make sure that you call and cancel in time so you don’t get charged the full price for the product.

With that said, I have read different comments and feedback on this product on different websites. Most of the comments were divided in two groups, those that were happy with the product and how it works and those that were unhappy with the free trial (as they didn’t read the terms and conditions) and the price. Personally, considering the two provided ingredients I think that Brain Peak could be effective, just make sure you are well acquainted with the terms.

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