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   Addium Review: Worked for Me

I have tried several different supplements claiming the same benefits as Addium but without much results. I was just about to give up when a co-worker recommended it when they saw me completely out of shape after returning from a long medical leave. I felt like I had completely lost track of what work was, I couldn’t concentrate, and focusing on a single task was hard enough to even attempt multi-tasking which is regularly required in my position. I thought the problem was only temporary until about two months after my return and I realized I had barely improved. My lack of energy, enthusiasm, concentration, and focus left me depressed and nearly out of the job. I forgot simple things and it felt like I was going nowhere fast. Of course, this all reflected on my home life with two teenagers that were always in the change of moods and a husband that was getting tired of complaining women all the time. I searched for something to get me back up and even tried several supplements but without any results.
Finally when I shared my concerns after a co-worker pulled me aside at lunch and asked me what is going on that I am still far from my regular self that she recommended I try Addium. She had been taking it about 4 months at that point and claimed that it was the best thing she’s ever done. I visited the website and found much of the same benefits I had found elsewhere, more energy, more focus and concentration, and improved short and long term memory. This was nothing new for me but if it worked and I had proof in the form of a co-worker that it worked then I decided to give supplements one last try. To my surprise, I was actually quite impressed. I have written reviews of my previous tries with other supplements and they were far from satisfactory, I am happy that I can finally write a review which will perhaps help others that felt like they were stuck in a whirlpool of stress and mental blur.

The Science Behind Addium

What this supplement does is it helps boost your overall brain performance while maintaining focus and boosting your energy. The developers claim that it is the most advanced formula on the market today that has proven to be effective in unlocking your natural brain potential and boosting the way it works by means of all natural ingredients.
What it does:
Give you energy –With its impressive burst of energy which you will experience within minutes of taking the supplement you will be wound up to get anything done for up to 6 hours. Though a powerful stimulant it will not give you the jitters and will not result in a crash once it’s over. As there are no harmful side effects as most medications prescribed for such issues you will enjoy the benefits and none of the downfalls of taking something to boost your brain power and energy.
Better Focus –Focus like never before ignoring common distractions as your motivation and alertness are boosted allowing you to concentrate and focus better so you remember more of your tasks and what’s important.
Brain Power Increase –Your natural brain power will be increased to maximum levels through natural Nootropics well known as the “smart drugs” that are claimed to boost vigilance performance, and overall activity of the brain.
What I think attracted me most was the fact that you can order and try the supplement and take advantage of their 30 day money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with it.


The Way it Works

I admit, getting my head around popping a pill which will increase your brain power was a bit over the top for me when I first started looking into this type of supplements. It’s like saying you will pop a pill and become a supermodel, but for the brain. At least that’s how they are advertised. But they claim that it can help make you more efficient all the while boosting your overall alertness and mental energy. Along with this it helps support other important functions while giving you energy that is nothing like caffeine or energy drinks. The official website claims that Addium will help you stay focused giving you the advantage to use 100% of your brain potential.
Nootropics are behind the secret of this supplement. They work by improving how the neurotransmitter acetylcholine functions by means of cholinergic (ACh) receptors. Nootropics also help stimulate the NMDA glutamate receptors which are critical to both the learning as well as memory processes. They are also a key influence over neuronal as well as vascular functions thus helping increase your cognitive function. By providing you a natural source of pure energy which will keep you focused and motivated throughout the day you are able to gain the full spectrum of benefits of the supplement.

What is in Addium

Before I take anything I like to have a full list of ingredients. This was also the first thing I asked my co-worker as I refuse to poison my body. It’s important to know that supplements are not drugs which means that the FDA does not regulate them so they can claim anything they like without actually having to live up to it. So researching each ingredient is key to getting the full information on whether the supplement is safe and effective.
Tyrosine –Known to offer a plethora of benefits including creating neurotransmitters which help promote alertness thus helping you maintain focus.
GABA –There are a number of great benefits of GABA and its regular inclusion in supplements shows its effectiveness. It is an inhibitory neurotransmitter helping prevent brain overexcitement which leads to lack of focus thus allowing you to think clearer and stay concentrated.
Bacopa Monnieri –Known to boost the flow of blood in the brain it helps cognitive function and overall memory and brain performance.
Alpha GPC –Improves overall cognition help by maintaining the function of neurotransmission.
Vinpocetine – Improves the brain visualization of glucose through the increase of ATP energy production.
Huperzine A – Inhibits acetylcholinesterase which is known to break down acetylcholine.

The only unfortunate thing is that there is not supplement facts sheet in the official website which makes research much easier but I am happy with the fact that they at least provided a list. This gave me enough information to actually research and find out if the ingredients are researched and if they are safe. Some have been used for years in supplements for their benefits while others are relatively new and little research is found but overall the general information I found pointed towards them not only working on their own but being effective in combination with each other.


Where to Buy Addium and How Much is It?

As I mentioned I have tried a number of supplements in the past. I have shared my experience with them as well and one of the main problems I had was not only the fact that they were extremely expensive but also that they had auto-ship programs which are less than satisfactory. One of the red flags I look for is when they claim that they are going to auto-ship you a new bottle every month for your “benefit” when in fact you lose control of your accounts and don’t realize how much you have spent until it’s too late.
The good thing is that with is there is not worry about this as they offer you three options without any hidden offers or surprise charges.
Available Purchase Options
1 bottle – $39.95 + $4.95 shipping & handling
2 bottles – $64.95 + $4.95 shipping & handling
3 bottles – $89.95 + $4.95 shipping & handling

I was surprised to find the price to be so reasonable as in the past I had paid nearly double that plus got stuck in their auto-ship program. Of course, that was also why I was so skeptical about actually ordering. I think that even if it did not have such an effect on me a price of $45 is far more acceptable than spending nearly $100 for a product that was not only ineffective but had side effects.


How Addium Worked for Me

I admit that even with my overall satisfaction with the official website and a real recommendation from someone I trust I was a little shaky on clicking that order button. The problem is that if I don’t find an answer through a natural supplement I felt like I was losing my mind, not to mention that I did not want to take any drugs as they have never really sat well with me. Not to mention the fact that after all, it was not only reflecting in the workplace but at home as well. Finally, I decided to order and got the package on the 4th day. As I received it in the morning I took it straight away. About a half an hour later I felt more energetic and quite positive. Not sure if this was because this is what I had expected from it or if it really kicked in but I really felt great. It had begun as a relatively lazy day as I received it on my day off and I had plans to lounge on the couch and catch up on my reading but within the hour I got up and looked for something that will not only occupy my mind but my body as well.
As the week wore on it felt as if with every passing day I felt better and better. I can’t say it made me smarter or that I had some sort of dramatic revelation but I felt better, I felt more motivated and more focused on what I was doing. While I was at home I felt myself picking up projects where I had previously left of and completing them, however mundane, and at work I slowly started to feel like myself again. Finally instead of turning heads because I would make stupid mistakes which considering how long I worked there were unacceptable, I was turning heads because I was pulling my team ahead.
The results at home and at work were great. I can’t say they were unbelievable or to the extent that they marketed the product in the official website but I can say that I had positive results. I had not horrible afternoon crashes and slept very well without any problems due to the boosted energy. This was about 2 months ago and upon completing my first order of one bottle I have since ordered the 3 bottle option to save even more money. I am happy. Many say it’s all in my head and the supplement was a means to change the way I think and expect results thus getting them (placebo effect) while others believe me that the supplement really had something to do with getting me back on track. If you ask me, I don’t care which it is, the fact is that after so many tries I finally got results.

Should Your Order

I am a strong believer that the information found online can never be trusted 100%. With that said you should always do your own legwork when looking to buy a product. There are very different views on every product and where I may have been 100% happy with it others may have had a different experience. As I had written reviews for the supplement I have tried and was not happy with I wanted to do the same for the one that got the job done. Research the ingredient, read the reviews and comments (but always keep an open mind as about 95% of reviews, comments, and articles are paid advertisements or the competition pushing their own product), and find studies. I was happy with Addium and I recommend it to anyone that says they have problems with memory, concentration, or focus but before you order look into it deeper to make sure it’s for you.


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